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Software Developer / Ethical Hacker / Data Scientist / GIS+Geodesy Specialist

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I'm a software developer/data scientist/ethical hacker living in Brazil. More recently, I'm focused on developing multi-language applications on Physical Geodesy theoretical/academic and practical behalf. I hold a MSc degree and I'm a PhD candidate in this same area, which I aim to develop everyday with love. I also enjoy handling and treating Big Data (especially Geo Big Data), applying on them Machine Learning techniques for various purposes in my spare time - ML is what I call my recreation, and I consider myself as a huge enthusiast of the study field. In addition, I have a strong academic background, with a number of published papers in renowed journals of my area.

I like coffee/Red Bull, music and astrophysics. I enjoy building stuff, investigating new technologies and general hacking. If there's a hackathon in BR or a Geodesy conference anywhere in the world, you may see me there.

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Global Geopotential Models evaluation in Brazil

The aim of this project is to perform quantitative analysis of the adequacy of the main currently existing Global Geopotential Models (GGMs) for modeling height anomalies throughout Brazil.

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Scalar Free and Fixed forms of the Geodetic Boundary Value Problem (GBVP) applie to the Colorado Experiment

The goal of this experiment is to assess the repeatability of potential values as IHRS coordinates using different computation approaches. Based on the comparison of the results, a set of standards should be identified to get as similar and compatible results as possible.

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Finite Element Method and Boundary Element Method applied solving Geodetic Boundary Value Problems

The goal of this project is to present the finite and boundary element schemes for solving the Earth potential problems in 3D domains above the Earth surface. To that goal, we formulate the boundary-value problem (BVP) consisting of the Laplace equation outside the Earth accompanied by the Neumann as well as the Dirichlet boundary conditions (BC).

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